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Uganda Trip Spring 2023

Daniel receives an MOI for Promise International to work with Uganda Christian University to educate on children with special needs.

The land on the Nile where the school for children with special needs will be built. This is near Namasagali, Uganda in the Kamuli district. There was a dream about this land and someone who stepped up who felt led to donate to buy land for the school. It is always amazing to watch God connect the dots!

Images of the team walking on the land and interacting with the community. This community has received the news of a school with open arms and blessing.

The community rented a tent and organized a meeting with their leaders and the team from Promise International.

The team educated students and faculty at Uganda Christian University on children with special needs. The vision is to educate the educators and civic leaders in order to have a bright future for those with special needs in Uganda.

Here are some of the children who are being blessed by these efforts. The hope and dream is to get resources to these children. Some will be sponsored and sent to school to get an education. That is the path to a better life and is often inaccessible to children in these situations. You can use the sponsor link on this site to sponsor a child.