Winnie Opoku-Acheampong

A Brighter Future

At a little over seven years old and eight years old, Emmanuel Kasajja and Simon Peter Mayombo became orphans. They didn’t know at the time that their lives would ultimately be touched by God and transformed by the efforts of Promise International.

In 2003, current Promise Board Member Winnie had a conversation with Israel Mwesigwa about his vision for the organization. Winnie, recalls, “Israel told me he wanted to see more Ugandans committed to helping orphans. His vision was to see the children get the help they need to become self-sustaining and successful adults. We talked about Simon Peter and Emmanuel and it was then that I was inspired to commit to taking full responsibility for their future, not just their basic needs.”

During this time, the boys were in a Catholic day school and were struggling with their school work. They were doing poorly and getting in a lot of trouble, sometimes even skipping school altogether. One day, Emmanuel expressed a desire to devote his life to God. He said he wanted to become a Priest. He applied to Nyenga Seminary, a boarding school, and was admitted. It was not too long after that when his younger brother also expressed a desire to go to the same school. He also applied and was admitted. The boys, now 16 and 17, both continue to work hard and are looking forward to a brighter future.

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