Volunteer Spotlight- Laura Fedorko, Director of Mission Planning

by Rachel Moreno

As a five year old Dallas native, Laura, walked the Chinese streets, her heart was filled with a desire to serve. She watched as children her own age begged. Consequently, Laura no longer lived in a bubble but instead had already experienced the world. Now, years later as a recent graduate of Texas A&M University, Promise International has been blessed to call on Laura Fedorko as the new Director of Mission Planning.

Laura has an extensive history in missions beginning with her family moving to China for 3 ½ years when she was 5.  When her family returned to the States, Laura still yearned to serve. Her family was always supportive of this desire.  After many trips to the Texas border and to Brazil, her attention turned toward Africa.

Upon graduation from Plano High School, she visited Zambia for two consecutive summers with Family Legacy Missions International. The most incredible moments from these trips came from witnessing the joy the Zambian children possessed, which in turn inspired Laura. Laura relished in developing relationships with the children and then watching while these relationships grew as she returned to Zambia—particularly a relationship with a young girl named Alice.

Alice and Laura met during Laura’s first trip to Zambia. As Laura got to know Alice she discovered that Alice had tragic a history. She had been raped several times by her uncle. In her efforts to overcome this horrific situation, Alice changed schools for a better life and a better education. Alice also changed her name to Grace.

The next summer Laura not only accompanied Grace to the hospital to be tested for HIV but also served as a witness as God began to break the chains possessing this young girl’s heart. The test results proved to be positive.  Laura was grateful to have returned to Zambia to help Grace through this trying time as she received both the help and the medicine she needed. In the summer of 2009, Laura’s life changed again when she traveled to Uganda.  Laura observed that Uganda’s poverty was more centralized than the poverty she faced in Zambia. Here, in the streets of Kampala God revealed His heart for his children to Laura.

Not only is Laura planning Promise International’s summer trip to Uganda but also she is helping to develop this young mission department. Laura believes that the action of serving will have the greatest impact in Uganda.  Joining Promise International as the Director of Mission Planning has not only been the outreach that Laura has been longing for but also a continuation to reject living in a bubble and instead living in the Kingdom. The largest planning task so far has been to recognize what needs to be done in Promise International’s facilities as well as what can be done once our missions team arrives in Uganda.  Branching from this task Laura has begun generating a schedule, a welcome packet, and other informational documents as well as establishing contact with the airlines and a mission booking organization. Once individuals begin signing up for this trip, more detailed planning can begin.

For Laura, the most exhilarating things about organizing Promise International’s mission trips to Uganda, is seeing it all come together. She recognizes that Promise International has a heart for reaching the children of Uganda; and has been reaching out to them for a long time. Sitting down to talk with Promise International Chairman Lisa Erwin on a Saturday morning, caused Laura to see the ministry and the possibilities all come to life. Lisa described her dream for  the  children as she works through Promise International. This conversation caused Laura to believe that Promise International’s lasting impact in Uganda could be huge.  For both Laura and Promise International the desire is the same – let every Ugandan child we encounter come to know God. These are our dreams, and we are working to see those dreams become realities.