Kihonge Rescued By Generous Donor

By Weston Baccus

In April, Promise International Treasurer and Board Member, Beverly Herring went to Uganda alone to speak with Mr. Tumisume, director of the school at Kihonge. He informed her that he had gotten the license for the school in January of 2010. This means that three inspectors from the ministry of Education and Sport, will come out and assess the school in three different categories, the academic level, possible health issues and the welfare of the students at the school at Kihonge.

Upon arrival Mrs. Herring found the cooks preparing meals on the ground, with children, pigs and dogs running through the “work area.” She decided that, obviously, the “kitchen” issue would not pass the health inspection. Also during her visit, she found that the Kihonge girls had an inadequate amount of space for sleeping. There were twenty-one girls sharing twelve mattresses on the floor of a classroom. Mrs. Herring ordered the new beds and diligently worked with the builders and architects to design a new kitchen for Kihonge.

Promise International did what was needed in order to help the Kihonge School finish the registration process. Beverly Herring’s spring trip helped her recognize the big need for beds. However, Promise International did not have the funds needed to complete the projects. Along with Mrs. Herring, God saw the need; and prompted a generous donor to designate a donation to finish the projects. This is another way we see how Promise International helps their partner facilities make forward progress towards being the best they can be, to better the future of the children.