Donor Spotlight

Seed planted in the New Land    

Ruth Price grew up in a denominational church that touched her heart for missions.

At one time she even hoped to be a missionary some day to Africa!  Perhaps this is part of that desire.  She had been blessed  with a farmer father who could especially relate to boys – Ruth’s brothers, her ”city” cousins, and any other little — or bigger — boy who needed  time with a gentle man who would allow them to learn about life itself and life on a farm.  Her mother was a well-respected, rural school teacher for over 30 years.  Her heart was always in learning and in teaching, whether it was at school or at their little country church where she always encouraged young people with musical talent to use it for the Lord.  She also had a genuine heart for missions around the world.

When Ruth met Jovia, the founder of Gateway Mercy Orphanage, she was overwhelmed with the love for children and the power of the Spirit that resided in Jovia. She joined Carol Housewright in a commitment to help sow financially into the education of Jovia’s children in Uganda, and now God is blessing the work of those young teachers and administrators who carry the same Spirit and love as did their mother.

Seed Planted in the New Land – Ruth Price from Promise International on Vimeo.

When Ruth and her brothers decided it was time to sell their parents’ farm that was left to them several years earlier, she began to pray about where to place a portion of her inheritance to be a blessing in God’s Kingdom.  The answer to her prayers was to help build a new orphanage, so desperately needed; that she knew would thrill her beloved parents because of their deep devotion to the Lord, His Word, to missions, and to children.  We at Promise international want to thank Ruth, and her Husband, Barry for all they do for these children.