414-One Child at a Time Campaign…and you can help!

By Rachel Moreno

In 2002, 7-year-old Faith Kirabo lost her father to the AIDS epidemic. Her mother, although infected with AIDS, works in a local market selling grasshoppers and beans to support the rest of Faith’s family. In 2005, Faith entered the Gateway Mercy Ministry facility in Kampala, Uganda. At Gateway Mercy, Faith’s love for music blossomed. She could often be found leading worship for the other children, as well as expressing her love for dance, drama, crafts, and spending time with friends. Now sixteen, Faith has been blessed with the opportunity to become part of the 15% of Uganda’s population to enter secondary school. She is currently attending Summit College Mugwanya as a ‘Senior 1’ student.

While Faith has been fortunate to continue her education, most Ugandan children do not have the opportunity to proceed through school beyond the primary level. Like Faith, many of Uganda’s orphan children, have other pressing needs that must be met. Promise International is reaching out to provide the resources necessary to nurture these children with not only food, shelter, education, and medical care; but our desire is to assure each child that they are loved and cherished.

We hope to introduce each child to a vibrant, personal relationship with Christ Jesus.  It is Christ Jesus that inspires every volunteer and worker of Promise International to give, to care and to love children who live far outside the comfortable world we know. Our goal as volunteers of Promise International is to inspire these children to grow into hope filled, productive citizens of their communities. With the love of Christ Jesus and our willingness to stretch, we want to send love a long way!

Will you join us? Will you help us extend the hands of love through practical help to these treasured children?

As for Faith, she humbly writes that there is nothing she can do, but to express the happiness in her heart knowing that people care for her and that her horizons are only full of opportunities.