414-One Child at a Time Campaign…and you can help!

By Rachel Moreno

In 2002, 7-year-old Faith Kirabo lost her father to the AIDS epidemic. Her mother, although infected with AIDS, works in a local market selling grasshoppers and beans to support the rest of Faith’s family. In 2005, Faith entered the Gateway Mercy Ministry facility in Kampala, Uganda. At Gateway Mercy, Faith’s love for music blossomed. read more

Kihonge Rescued By Generous Donor

By Weston Baccus

In April, Promise International Treasurer and Board Member, Beverly Herring went to Uganda alone to speak with Mr. Tumisume, director of the school at Kihonge. He informed her that he had gotten the license for the school in January of 2010. This means that three inspectors from the ministry of Education and Sport, will come out and assess the school in three different categories, the academic level, possible health issues and the welfare of the students at the school at Kihonge.  read more

Volunteer Spotlight- Laura Fedorko, Director of Mission Planning

by Rachel Moreno

As a five year old Dallas native, Laura, walked the Chinese streets, her heart was filled with a desire to serve. She watched as children her own age begged. Consequently, Laura no longer lived in a bubble but instead had already experienced the world. Now, years later as a recent graduate of Texas A&M University, Promise International has been blessed to call on Laura Fedorko as the new Director of Mission Planning.  read more

Honoring one of our supporters

Ruth Price grew up in a denominational church that touched her heart for missions. At one time she even hoped to be a missionary some day to Africa!  Perhaps this is part of that desire.  She had been blessed  with a farmer father who could especially relate to boys – Ruth’s brothers, her ”city” cousins, and any other little — or bigger — boy who needed  time with a gentle man who would allow them to learn about life itself and life on a farm…                   read more

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high, there is a butterfly flying free with colorful wings drawing nectar of love from every flower beneath and above, on wings of light, hope, and promise our little Allison is flying free.  Her spirit left the earth too early, but there is no time in Heaven…there is only God and His Light.  What is too early on earth it is perfect time in Heaven because….it is God’s time…     read more

Pursuing a new life

With the support of Promise International, Edward Babyesiza is pursuing a life path that he may have once thought impossible. Now a student at St. John Bosco Seminary in Hoima, Edward completed his primary 7 education at Kihonge Primary School… read more

Investments in children’s education repaid in legacy of caring

In the summer of 2002, Jovia Kabuye walked from her apartment to worship at Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas, for the first time. Several members soon formed a strong relationship with her, drawn to her spirituality and perceptible specialness. Jovia had come to America to work and make money for her children’s education… read more

A brighter future

At a little over seven years old and eight years old, Emmanuel Kasajja and Simon Peter Mayombo became orphans. They didn’t know at the time that their lives would ultimately be touched by God and transformed by the efforts of Promise International. In 2003, current Promise Board Member Winnie had a conversation with Israel Mwesigwa about his vision for the organization… read more