Nutrition/ Health

Although Uganda’s landscape is generally recognized as having fertile soil, many of its citizens go hungry and have sub-standard diets. High-risk groups include those children being supported at the orphanages. For obvious reasons – overcrowding, limited resources, virtually no access to good nutrition habits or the most basic health care – the homeless and orphaned children of PI reflect the decades of civil strife and the scourge of AIDS across the country. More often than not, even those already within our loving care typically only get one meal a day–a mash of beans and corn flour. They often go without any green vegetables, fruit, or other basic/necessary foods for good health. As a result, besides living in constant hunger, they are even more vulnerable to disease because they lack basic nutrients and the ability to develop a proper immune system facilitated by a proper diet.


• To achieve a self-sustaining model for the children’s health–nutritionally and medically.   At several of our locations, the acquisition of additional land and training in agriculture is enabling the facilities to raise livestock and cultivate crops to improve the orphans’ diets.

• To work with all of our facilities on nutritional education and diet planning, ensuring the children have access to basic nutritional guidance.

• To evaluate and monitor the health of each child.

• To provide the children a solid understanding of the importance of nutrition in their lives.

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