Life Skills/Vocational

Young adults in Uganda face tremendous challenges in finding work to support themselves, let alone a family. The statistics on secondary education and job opportunities are alarming; after primary school, only 15% of children move on to secondary schools.

One of the focus areas for Promise International is to increase the number of children who advance to secondary and university levels. And in doing so, ultimately increase the number who can seek and gain meaningful employment. Simply stated, we strive to ensure that the children in our orphanages and schools gain skills that will lead to paying work in Uganda.   The orphans learn about farming, sewing, making jewelry, construction, wood-working, and cooking . . . all practical skills that will serve them well as adults. To give older orphans the ability to sustain themselves, Promise International relies on partnerships with local organizations to provide vocational training.  


• Provide the children a solid understanding of the importance of being an active/productive member of society.

• Develop age-appropriate skills that enable children to learn and perform a variety of vocational skills.

• Expose the children to higher level training to include a technical education including computers and other programs that will enable them to compete in an international market.

• Increase the number of children who attend secondary and university level schools.

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*Source: UNESCO Institute for Statistics. About 86% of eligible Ugandan children attend primary school. This high level of participation is in part due to the universal primary education program.