Even the smallest plot of sustainable agriculture can make a significant difference to communities that desperately lack food and resources. With the acquisition of land for each of our facilities, the orphanages can grow vegetables and other crops, and raise chickens and livestock. Not only does this enable the orphanages to supply their own food, they can generate income by selling produce at the local market.

Our goal is to help the homes we support in the development and marketing of self-sustaining agricultural products and crops. We oversee projects that enable the children at each facility to develop practical skills and an understanding of agriculture for their future livelihood.


• Provide the children a solid understanding of the importance of agriculture in their lives.

• Develop age-appropriate skills that enable children to plant and maintain a garden, as well as care and feed livestock.

• Produce the fruits and vegetables that will offer the best nutrients for the children. Develop a self-sustaining program that can satisfy a portion of the site’s food requirements.

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