Jiggers Prevention

Jiggers Disease

Jiggers infestation is rampant in Uganda.  It is a disease that has sickened tens of thousand of Ugandans in just the last several months.  Jiggers can be disfiguring and debilitating.  It can literally cause body parts, such as fingers and toes to rot away.  For children, Jiggers can be deadly.

There are answers however–Jiggers can be prevented through proper hygiene.  Promise International is already upgrading our facilities to provide better conditions for our children.  We have installed flooring at the Kihonge Community Development Center.  This floor was provided by a generous and thoughtful Donor with medical training, who recognized that flooring is just as important to developing a sanitary environment as proper cleanliness and medications.  We are also working to provide enclosed shoes for each of our children to protect them from injury and disease.  Furthermore, we are in the process of building a new orphanage (Promise International Children’s Development Centre) to replace one that was initially established in a slum, in a swamp.

See the recent news article on Jiggers at: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20101022/ap_on_he_me/af_uganda_the_rot

All of our work would be impossible without your support.  These children desperately need your heart to be moved to give.  You can help provide protective clothing, shoes, and medicine for the children in the orphanages we directly support.  You can help provide safe, clean homes for children who cannot help themselves.  You provide the resources through your collective giving; and Promise International shepherds those resources to the children in need.  It is a partnership that gives hope, prevents disease, and saves lives–every day is critical for them.

Help us to help the needy children in Uganda by donating now.  Thank you!