Newsletter-Spring 2012

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Monday, 23 April 2012 FacebookTwitterLinkedIn

In this Issue:

  • Letter from Chairman of the Board, Lisa Erwin
  • Fulfilling the Promise
  • Teacher’s Workshop
  • Improved Meals
  • Beading Classes offered to students at GMM
  • Community Development

Promise International Newsletter-Spring 2012

Letter from the Chairman-Lisa Erwin

We are well into 2012 and, as most organizations, trying to recover from the devastating economy; and the pressure it has put on raising money for the children we serve. As many of you know, while maintaining our current commitments, we are also embarking on a new Promise International Children’s Development Centre (PICDC). Our goal in 2012 is:

  1. Increase our “Sponosor a Child” Donors to cover the expenses at our Kihonge Facility and to Prossy. This translates to an additional 325 Sponsors at $35 per month to close the gap. Could you help get us one step closer?
  2. Kick-Off our Capital Campaign for the PICDC in Nkumba, Uganda.We have a dedicated grant writer, Mr. Clay Dawson, a student from TCU, working along side PI to research and submit grant applications in an effort to gain the largest part of our PICDC funding. We are grateful for his work, and look forward to reporting the fruits of our efforts.

We at Promise International thank you, our Donors, for your continued support. With your help in 2011, we were able to provide the following aid to the children we are committed to helping:

Kihonge Children’s Development Centre: We were able to fund teacher’s salaries for 2 out of 3 terms of the year. Through a private donation, Kihonge received a new 3 room Kitchen, 11 new double decked beds with mattresses, and 10 large lockable cabinets for books and papers.

Prossy’s House: PI successfully funded the tuition for all 10 children. A private donation supplied 2 new triple decked beds, 10 new matrresses, new sheets, pillows and blankets, and a new wooden wardrobe.

Gateway Mercy School: The 3-year educational grant from Alcatel-Lucent Foundation received in 2010, has been our saving grace for the children at Gateway Mercy Primary School. It covers all the expenses pertianing to food, shelter, education, teacher salaries, and so much more! Private donations supplied new pots, pans, medical care (to include 2 day surgeries) and HIV testing for all the children.

Promise International Children’s Development Centre: PI made final payment on 2 acres in Nkumba, bringing the total acres to 3.5, built a wire fence, and received funding from Gateway Church, Southlake, TX,

for a Deep Water Well.

Thank you for all your commitment and interest in the lives of these children. Follow us on Facebook!

Lisa Erwin

Chairman, Promise International


Fulfilling the Promise: To sponsor every Promise International Child

By Rachel Moreno

Most Ugandan children do not continue their education after primary school, and only 2% will continue schooling after the secondary level to attend the University-level. Unfortu-nately, many of Uganda’s orphaned children have other im-mediate needs that must be met: nutrition, medicine and clothing. Promise International was founded to address these needs, ensuring that the children in these partnering facilities grow up in heatlthy supportive environments to gain educational and vocational skills that will aid them to become self-supportive, outstanding citizens and future community leaders.

Currently, Promise International supports three facilities:

Gateway Mercy Ministry School (Kampala)

Nabagessera Home (Kampala)

Kihonge Community Development Centre (Hoima)

Together, these facilities touch the lives of 414 children. We are asking you to partner with Promise International in the continuing effort to fulfill the promise, ensuring that each of these precious children are sponsored through our “414-One Child at a Time” campaign.



Promise International Hosts Teacher’s Workshop

This was a first of its kind for Gateway Mercy Ministry School (GMM)! This workshop was held at the end of January 2012, and was created to help support the teachers in their teaching methods, and ultimately to purposely affect the success of the students. Treasurer and Christian Ministries Coordinator, Beverly Herring, coordinated this workshop; and Curriculum Development Coordinator at GMM, Bertha Mubiru was on hand locally at the workshop in Kampala. We are able to present these continuing education opportunities for teachers at GMM, a PI partnering facility, through the generosity of the Alcatel-Lucent Foundation Educational Grant and friends like you.


On the Ground in Uganda

Improved Meals

We are pleased and delighted to introduce Miricah Nabatanzi, the new cook at Gateway Mercy Ministry School.

Preparing and cooking for 60 children plus school staff daily would be quite a task of anyone, but for Miricah, the challenge is even greater! Getting up at 4 am each morning, Miricah sets out to find fresh and nutritious foods to serve to the children of Gateway Mercy Ministry School. The challenge is heightened by the poor infrastructure in Kampala. None the less, Miricah perserveres with grace!

We know that a hungry, malnourished child does not learn well. More than that, there are certain inoculations against diseases that a malnourished child cannot receive, because their bodies do not have the means of appropriating those medicines. With that said, the variety of fruits, vegetables, and proteins being provided are laying a base for the overall health of these children.

The meals depicted in these photos are main meals. That is to say, these mid day meals are supplying 70% of each child’s daily nutritional needs. Promise International spends $740 a week on a variety of nutritious foods, during the 41 weeks that compromise the school term.

As Dr. Beverly Herring, M.D., Treasurer for Promise International says, “These are not extravagant meals at all…it costs a lot of US dollars to provide a little nutrition!”

Promise International is grateful for the great job Miricah is doing as she makes sure that nutritious foods are made available daily for the children. Keep our food budget and food resources ever in your prayers as you give. Through generous Donors like you, funding for Miricah, her assistants, and groceries for these meals are made possible; and the children have been very grateful!

Beading Classes offered to students at GMM

By Weston Baccus

Promise International has a long-term goal of providing the children with practical skills that can be used to help each child to generate an income, as they get older. These vocational training opportunities are being developed with the idea of integrating them, in an age appropriate way, within the curriculum. As an example at Gateway Mercy Ministry School, beading classes have recently been offered to the children. While the practical side of bead making is to produce jewelry to sell, there is a fun side too, as the children enjoy the creativity that comes from doing arts and crafts.

We are grateful to Betty Nansubuga, who has donated her time and effort to teach these classes. This is not only a profitable skill for the children’s future, but this class is giving them something that every child longs for, a chance to have FUN!

Mrs. Nansubuga is donating her time to prepare these children for a better future, and you can help them too! Log onto and give your best gift. Or, if you are unable to support by giving, your prayers are also greatly appreciated!


The Promise International Community Development

Historically, PI has responded to the most immediate needs at each of the three supported locations: Gateway Mercy Ministry School, Nabagessera Home, and Kihonge Community Development Centre. However, with the educational gap presenting the most defining obstacle for self-sustainability and success, PI PI’s vision for the immediate future is to build the Promise International Children’s Development Centre (PICDC). The PICDC will initially provide:

Primary and Vocational School – designed to educate orphaned and at-risk children.

Community Centre – to serve the local community, offering access to clean water, vocational training (that ranges from agricultural to computers), counseling, mentoring and public health services.

Accomplishing these goals is consistent with PI’s long-term vision of not only addressing immediate living and educational needs, but also offering a clear path for life-long sustainability, with the opportunity for the children to compete for jobs and pursue careers in Ugandan society.


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