New Land

Promise International Children’s Development Centre

Historically, PI has responded to the most immediate needs at each of the four locations. However, with the educational gap presenting the most defining obstacle for self¬-sustainability and success, PI’s vision for the immediate future is to build the PICDC. The PICDC will initially provide:

  • A Primary and Vocational School designed to educate the orphaned and at-risk children. The initial group of students will consist of the children to be relocated from the Gateway Mercy School in the mosquito-infested swamp area of Natete.
  • A Community Center to serve the local community, including:

–Access to clean water from our deep water well
–Vocational training in the evenings and weekends at our Vocational Training Center, to include computer training
–Community out-reach activities such as counseling and mentoring
–Community Public Health Services, such as immunizations

Accomplishing these goals is consistent with PI’s long-term vision of not only addressing immediate living and educational needs, but also offering a clear path for life-long sustainability, with the opportunity for the children to compete for jobs and pursue careers in Ugandan society.

“There is no task more important than building a world in which all of our children can grow up to realize their full potential, in health, peace, and dignity.” United Nations Conference on Children (Kofi A. Annan, Former Secretary-General, United Nations)

Our request specifically focuses on building the PICDC, the only one of its kind in the area. The urgency of the request is focused around relocating the children from the Gateway Mercy School to a progressive and safe environment.

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