Chairman’s letter

Monday, 23 April 2012

Dear Friends of Promise International,

Lisa Erwin

We are well into 2012 and, as most organizations, trying to recover from the devastating economy; and the pressure it has put on raising money for the children we serve. As many of you know, while maintaining our current commitments, we are also embarking on a new Promise International Children’s Development Centre (PICDC). Our goal in 2012 is:

  1. Increase our “Sponosor a Child” Donors to cover the expenses at our Kihonge Facility and to Prossy. This translates to an additional 325 Sponsors at $35 per month to close the gap. Could you help get us one step closer?
  2. Kick-Off our Capital Campaign for the PICDC in Nkumba, Uganda.We have a dedicated grant writer, Mr. Clay Dawson, a student from TCU, working along side PI to research and submit grant applications in an effort to gain the largest part of our PICDC funding. We are grateful for his work, and look forward to reporting the fruits of our efforts.

We at Promise International thank you, our Donors, for your continued support. With your help in 2011, we were able to provide the following aid to the children we are committed to helping:

Kihonge Children’s Development Centre: We were able to fund teacher’s salaries for 2 out of 3 terms of the year. Through a private donation, Kihonge received a new 3 room Kitchen, 11 new double decked beds with mattresses, and 10 large lockable cabinets for books and papers.

Prossy’s House: PI successfully funded the tuition for all 10 children. A private donation supplied 2 new triple decked beds, 10 new matrresses, new sheets, pillows and blankets, and a new wooden wardrobe.

Gateway Mercy School: The 3-year educational grant from Alcatel-Lucent Foundation received in 2010, has been our saving grace for the children at Gateway Mercy Primary School. It covers all the expenses pertianing to food, shelter, education, teacher salaries, and so much more! Private donations supplied new pots, pans, medical care (to include 2 day surgeries) and HIV testing for all the children.

Promise International Children’s Development Centre: PI made final payment on 2 acres in Nkumba, bringing the total acres to 3.5, built a wire fence, and received funding from Gateway Church, Southlake, TX,
for a Deep Water Well.

Thank you for all your commitment and interest in the lives of these children. Follow us on Facebook!

Lisa Erwin
Chairman, Promise International