Alcaltel Lucent Grant

Alcatel Lucent has provided an Educational Grant for Gateway Mercy Ministries.  As a result, an Academic Assessment is underway in order to determine exactly what improvements need to be made to educate our beautiful orphans with excellent!  (Read More…) 


“Grasping Uganda One Hand at a Time” Benefit Concert

Join Promise International on October 8th for an evening of inspiration and entertainment.  Concert starts at 7p at Gateway Church in Southlake, TX. (Read more…)


Board Members travel to Kampala and Hoima, Uganda

Three key staff from Promise International visited orphanages in the country of Uganda, Africa. Promise International, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Israel Mwegsigwa, Board member Lisa Erwin, and Executive Director George Craft visited the five orphanages that the organization supports. The purpose of the visit was to meet the children, conduct assessments of orphanage needs (particularly the facilities), build relationships and collaborate with other philanthropic organizations.

Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Israel Mwesigwa: African Surgical Center

Praise be to God, as we continue to minister to His children in Uganda! It is always a blessing to travel to Africa on these mission to trips.  On our last mission trip in February of 2009, our Executive Director, Pastor George Craft had the opportunity to visit Uganda. George visited all the children’s homes and schools that we support in Uganda. Perhaps his most remarkable moment was the time spent at Gateway Mercy Home near Kampala, Uganda. George will share with you in his own words about this touching experience. One of the note worthy things about our mission trips are the many blessings and experiences beyond the children we visit. On this particular trip, we spent time with our friend and brother in Christ, Mr. Thad Cox, a missionary to Bunyoro-Kitara diocese, in Western Uganda. Mr. Cox has been an incredible blessing to the people of Uganda, as God has used him in bringing vision and leadership to many life-changing projects, in the area. One such project, is the Azure Clinic in Hoima, Uganda. Thad has been phenomenal in seeing this important clinic come to fruition. Thad is appealing to all who read this story to assist in the many needs of the clinic. These include a need for a missionary doctor or doctors, especially a general surgeon. Also, this clinic needs help in operating and maintaining medical equipment. Please visit our volunteer section on the website to learn more about Thad Cox; and how you can help in these areas.

Executive Director, George Craft:

The visit with the children was the highlight of my ten day visit. The joy of my trip was meeting the children. They gave me the greatest gift that I could have ever received. They assembled and began to sing for me. As they sang, I realized that the children had such a reverence for God. It was apparent that the teachers have instilled, within them, a knowledge and reverence for God. They began to sing a worship song. None of the children were looking around to see what the other was doing. They began to press into the presence of God, with a fervor and purity, that I have never experienced before. As they sang, with eyes closed and arms stretched to God, I experienced an atmosphere of holiness. It was as if heaven had come down in our presence, and as if, our Lord Jesus was walking among the children. In that atmosphere, I made a personal vow to do all I can, with all I am and all I have, to help the children. God loves these children and is calling you and others to help in His ministry to them.

Chairman of the Board, Lisa Erwin:

In February of this year, three board members and one of our tremendously dedicated volunteers ventured back to Uganda to visit the children, as well as cement some amazing new relationships. I was blessed to join along on this trip. Our main mission was to assess the progress, needs and life threatening issues of the orphanages we support.

As many of you are well aware, Malaria is the main cause of death in these children. With a heavy heart, we saw the sweet child, whom we mentioned in our recent email, that passed last month due to Malaria. While we were at Mercy Orphanage, hearing the joyous voices of the children praising the Lord, a young boy was lying on his bed, weak and drenched in fever. He could not have been more than 6. I remember seeing him, and wanting to hold him as a mother would do, however when we passed back through, he was sleeping. Three weeks later he died. It tears your heart out! This is the type of direct affect these children have on those who are committed to bringing God’s love, our resources, to bless their lives in ways they have never known.

On a positive note, we were able to meet with the Ugandan Christian University. Our goal is to dovetail our need for constant assessment, with the students that have a course load that includes the outsourcing of Data Retrieval, that is, to assess the socio-economic needs of these orphanages. It is going to be a mutually beneficial relationship that we look forward to!

Finally , we were able to meet with a Mr. Darcy Burbanks who has recently come from Darfur with tremendous experience in emergency aid. He is committed to helping Bweya Childrens’ Orphanage implement new progroams, and relieve these children from the mere survival mode they are in. Our hope is to be able to help fund his efforts. I cannot possibly communicate the dire needs of these children, as you can see on our website.

Being a Court Appointed Child Advocate myself in the past, I have clearly seen and experienced the needs of the children here in the U.S. ANY child is a child of God; and one that is precious to the Lord. Having now twice been to visit the children of Uganda, I see a very different set of needs for these childrem. To experience the craving they have to be loved, and hugged; and, to see how tirelessly they work for an education, to find a better life (most of the time, with one starchy meal a day!), has given me the conviction to try to help, even in some small way, to give them the love they deserve…..

The trip was successful in so many ways! God willing, we can make a difference!

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