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Heed the call to help needy children in Uganda

Unlike the United States and other countries with safety nets in place, Uganda does not have the resources or systems to protect its many orphans and homeless children. As the only source of hope, safety and caring for many children, Promise International literally can make the difference between life and death, struggle and success.

Years of political turmoil and the AIDS epidemic have taken a devastating toll on Uganda’s children. Recent data suggest that approximately 8% to 12.5% of the country’s children will be orphaned by AIDS by the year 2020 – and many of them suffer from the disease themselves.

With no access to adequate nutrition or medicine, children there are also vulnerable to many infectious diseases, including measles, whooping cough, anemia, malaria, and tuberculosis, limiting their ability to thrive and learn. What’s more, access to a good education is out of financial reach for Uganda’s orphans and the most destitute, contributing to a literacy rate of just 50%.

A shrinking Uganda workforce also means an increased risk of social and political instability. Unfortunately, history shows that children abandoned by society grow up without direction, without a sense of purpose, or even a sense of right and wrong. So, beyond swelling the ranks of the have–nots in an already poor society, these kids often turn to crime, squandering their potential and further harming their communities.

Why support Promise International?

It’s very simple: We change the equation. We transform the lives of Uganda’s most deprived children today, so they can become the self–sufficient citizens and community leaders Uganda needs tomorrow.

With a narrow focus and true accountability, Promise International makes a real difference.

In order to make the most impact, we limit our efforts to Uganda, where our local knowledge and understanding of the country are unparalleled. Our on–site staff is well–versed in the needs, challenges, and local tribal and cultural norms. Equally important, we know how to avoid the corruption and other challenges facing charities there to ensure that your gifts actually help the children. In fact, a remarkable 85% of all money contributed goes to their direct benefit.

Through our proven, integrated programs, we are cultivating Uganda’s future. Not only do we help ensure that these children have access to basic needs and a solid education, we instill pride in their African heritage and teach them to give back to their communities. The goal is for Uganda’s children to thrive – so the best and brightest teach, work and help develop their home country rather than leave. In fact, three of “our” children have already graduated from college or vocational school, and are now sharing their knowledge and expertise within Uganda. And, we are working with corporations and other businesses to develop new opportunities for today’s children.

Our structured, program–based approach works. You can be confident that the money you contribute will be used wisely, and put to work in the manner you intend, thanks to transparent reporting and accountability. The needs are acute, but our leadership, staff and supporters are deeply dedicated to serving the children of God who have been placed before us. In short, Promise International is uniquely positioned to make a difference in the young people who will ultimately shape this proud nation’s future.

Please donate today. Every dollar makes a difference.