Nabagessera Home

The Nabagessera home is located in the suburbs of Kampala, Uganda’s capital city. It is the home of Prossy Nabagesera, a single mother of three children, ages 2 to 12. Despite the challenges of raising three children on her own, Prossy welcomed three orphaned Kampala children. She is providing a secure, loving environment, caring for all six children while making every effort to ensure their success in school. The Nabagessera Home represents much more than the impact of one amazing woman helping six children: Prossy is the pioneer of our Surrogate Parent Program. Her home is a model for what Promise International desires to replicate elsewhere in Uganda. PI’s goal is to identify suitable couples or single parents and build a brick home in which they can provide loving care for needy children.

How Promise International helps

Promise International is the sole source of support for the Nabagessera home, paying for the children’s educations.

Promise International’s vision is to ensure that they progress through high school and on to college.  In addition, with assistance from Promise International, Prossy built a three-bedroom brick home and was able to finance income-generating projects to help support the children. This includes selling bricks made at her business. With her initiative and our sponsorship, all of the children are progressing in school and she has a source of income.

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