David Tumisume

A Teacher’s Story from Promise International on Vimeo.

Founder of the Kihonge Community Development Center, David Tumisume, is demonstrating his forward thinking as he is implementing many programs that target the needs of the community in the Kihonge area:

He has started a Micro-Finance programs that enables funding of entrepreneurial efforts within the community.

David is coordinating with Eric Kutagika of the Uganda Private Vocational Institute, to offer vocational training and help with Kihonge’s computer needs. This project is in the beginning stages and we are thrilled about development.

David has also addressed the problem of teen pregnancy in the Hoima area, with programs working with teen girls.

Also, the ongoing Adult Literacy programs continue to help the Kihonge population to be fully prepared to prosper.

Our mission team reported that David’s excitement about all of these programs is contagious!

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