Kihonge Community Development Center

The Kihonge Community Development Center in Hoima, Uganda is located in Nyarweyo Sub–County, Kibaale District – a remote, rural area of western Uganda, 150 miles from the capital, Kampala. It was founded with the goal of offering a better alternative to the inadequate government–run schools in the area.

Kihonge Community Development Center is managed by Mr. David Tumusiime, a licensed primary school teacher with more than 30 years of experience in primary education. He is a graduate of Mbarara Teacher Training College in Uganda. The original nursery and primary school (grades 1–7) now attempts to provide a sound education to more than 200 children. In addition, the community center has added two classes for adults that serve approximately 60 individuals. Both programs are in dire need of funding to continue Mr. Tumusiiime’s work.

Kihonge also attempts to offer a microfinance program to help those seeking to establish developmental projects. Its goal is to give prospective entrepreneurs a basic understanding of economics, and instruct them on how to market what they sell, then reinvest capital for growth. The microcenter has a government employee working with community members.

The primary goal of the Kihonge Center is to contribute to the community of Nyarweyo in the following ways:

To ensure children receive a high–quality primary education, plus instruction in farming and vocational training. The objective is a future of self-reliance, made possible through job-creation skills and career guidance.

To emphasize high moral standards in all of its operations including daily prayers, special programs, Sunday schools and counseling for both pupils and parents.

To conduct adult functional literacy classes so to help older community members who never had a chance to attend school.

To conduct the microfinance program allows members of the community to save and borrow money at very low interest rates, ultimately helping to reduce poverty

To oversee a demonstration garden for community members and primary schoolchildren teaches modern types of agriculture, such as organic farming

How Promise International Helps:  PI pays the salaries of all the teachers of this private school.   It was ranked 2nd in the district in acedemic achievement in 2009.  We also provide facilities Maintenance and repair, books, and agricultural aid.

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