Our Founder

Israel’s Story from Promise International on Vimeo.

“I believe God called me to this ministry. I see blessings in my life daily and I have learned much more about myself, my origin and my people through this work. Through Promise International, the children are building their faith in God while learning to believe in themselves; the community is gaining increased resources; and we are nurturing the children today who will be the cornerstone of African leadership tomorrow.”

Founder of Promise International, Israel Mwesigwa took political asylum in the United States as a result of the oppression of the Ugandan Dictator Idi Amin. When it was safe to return to his home country he realized the tremendous need to care for orphans whose parents had died due to HIV / AIDs. Upon returning home to the U.S., Israel and a group of friends began laying the foundation for what has now become Promise International. Israel’s leadership of Promise International includes frequent mission trips to Uganda to provide the organization and its donors with continuous direct insight into the success and progress of our facilities and programs.

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